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Plastic extrusion film coating machine
Plastic extrusion film coating machine
Add time:2018/8/11
Should be used::
It is used to coat PP/LDPE film on PP/HDPE woven fabric, kraft paper, non-woven fabric and other materials, or to compound BOPP film, kraft paper, PP/HDPE woven fabric or non-woven fabric.
It is used to produce coating composite woven bags, cement bags, rice bags, flour bags, pet food bags, animal feed bags, fertilizer bags, chemical bags, and other products.
Merit point:
● Fast working speed
● The quality of coating is good.
● Low energy consumption
● Low maintenance cost
● Easy operation
● Good economic returns

Machine composition

Standard unit
01) Automatic feeder( × 2)
02) Extruder( × 2)
03) configure the filter for hydraulic exchange (* 2).
04) standard T die head (x 2)
05) main material double station unwinding unit
06) semi-automatic roll changing of unwinding unit
07) second material unwinding unit (x 2)
08) manual alignment of BOPP film
09) composite unit (x 2)
10) tracking trimming device
11) side membrane collection system
12) electronic meter
13) back to back surface friction type winding unit
14) automatic roll changer for winding unit
15) electrical and control systems
Optional units
01) multi component quantitative feeding unit
02) direct drive motor for extruder
03) automatic belt changer
04) melt gear metering pump system
05) special T die head
06) Co extrusion extruder
07) Co extrusion die (including distributor)
08) roll up and roll up crane.
09) storage unit
10) ultrasonic correction device
11) water removal unit
12) dust removal device
13) preheating unit
(heating roller / hot oven)
14) corona treatment device
15) automatic alignment system for BOPP film
16) mirror cooling roller
17) special fog surface cooling rolls.
(mesh and pattern, optional)
18) on-line side membrane collection and reuse system
19) increased cooling unit
20) microporous unit
21) industrial computer control system
22) oil temperature machine
23) water cooler
24) cooling tower
25) air compressor station

Main technical parameters:
Model SJ-FMF65 × 2/800 SJ-FMF70 × 2/1000
Extruder E65/33 E70/33
Screw diameter 65mm 70mm
Screw length diameter ratio(L/D) 33:1 33:1
Main motor of extruder 18.5kw 22kw
Maximum extrusion capacity * 70 kg/h × 2 80 kg/h × 2
Width of T die head 900mm 1100mm
Film width 280 - 680mm 280 - 880mm
Film thickness 0.01 - 0.05mm 0.01 - 0.05mm
Coating speed * 20 - 180m/min 20 - 180m/min
Cooling roll length 800mm 1000mm
Material width 250 - 650mm 250 - 850mm
Correction range of unwinding ±100mm ±100mm
Maximum unwinding / winding diameter 1200mm 1200mm
System installed capacity 129kw 145kw
The normal capacity of the system (about) 80kw 90kw
Shape size(L × W × H) 12500 × 7100 × 2800 12500 × 7500 × 2800

* The above data vary according to material specifications, quality, film thickness and material physical and chemical properties.
* * technical parameters and dimensions are subject to change without prior notice.
* * special specifications and versions of the models can be customized.